Preparing for Camp

Camp packing list, what stays at home, lost and found items, and our mobile device policy.

Preparing for Camp
Sometimes it is hard to know how you can be involved in your child's summer camp experience since you aren't with them at camp. Getting ready for camp is always an exciting and sometimes stressful time. To try to make your preparation a little easier we have put together a few tips that we hope will be helpful as you prepare for your week at MiVoden. Please take time to go over the list and make sure your child has everything they will need for great week at Camp MiVoden. We are looking forward to having your child with us for this exciting time in their life.

Please read our packing list carefully so that you will know what your child needs in order to be comfortable at camp. We also ask that certain items not be brought since they distract from the camp program. Please use a permanent marker to write your camper's name on every item.

Lost and Found Items
Lost items remain at camp until September 15 and then are donated to charity. MiVoden is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What to Bring:
Everyday Clothes (no short-shorts)
Long Pants
Nice clothes for Friday night
Swimsuit (modest 1-piece)
Warm Jacket
Flip Flops (for shower and beach)
Sneakers (closed-toe shoes)
Soap & Comb
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Towels & Washcloth
Sleeping Bag

Camp MiVoden is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items, including cameras and personal recreational equipment, etc.

What Should Stay Home?
We want to create an environment that is safe and conducive to positive spiritual and personal growth. In addition, our campers are in a physically active program and some kinds of dress could be a hazard to those wearing it. We realize there are a variety of perspectives on appropriate music, entertainment and dress. To make the environment as comfortable and safe as possible, please see below.

Radios, electronic games, CDs, CD or Mp3 players, electronic tablets, cell phones, personal sports equipment, cars, pets, foods or snacks, tobacco products, fireworks, matches, weapons, alcoholic drinks or illegal substances. If you bring these items, they will be confiscated!

Please note that we will ask that you not swim if you are wearing a two-piece swimsuit, and for safety and simplicity, we ask that you leave any jewelry at home. Thank you for your cooperation!

Food Policy Revision
If you talk to anyone who has been to camp, they will tell you that our food is excellent!  Our cooks prepare well-balanced meals from fresh ingredients.  We provide vegetarian meals.  We have gluten free options for those with Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, or other gluten-free conditions.  We also offer vegan choices for those who are Lactose-intolerant or other dairy related issues.  During all camps, we will not be serving peanuts due to many severe allergic reactions such as Anaphylactic Shock.  We also ask that peanuts not be brought to camp as they may affect others without your knowledge.  While we will not be making food with peanuts we are currently looking for peanut butter substitutions such as almond butter.  Due to our kitchen design and the constraints of our working space, there is always the possibility of cross contamination. Therefore, while we take reasonable care in our food preparation, we cannot guarantee that any single menu item is completely free of any given allergen.

Mobile Device Policy

We want to partner with parents in providing a safe atmosphere for campers.

To avoid inappropriate use (phone and camera) and to assist us in maintaining a tight schedule, we ask that all phones and mobile devices be left with parents. These devices can serve as a distraction and detract from the overall camp experience. Thank-you for helping us preserve our unique camp atmosphere. Campers found in possession of a phone or other mobile device will be asked to turn it into the office where it can be picked up at the end of the week. Should there be need for emergency communication, this can be arranged through the camp office.