What you should know when your child is at camp.

Surrounded by friends and nature, supported by caring counselors, campers experience boundless, exuberant fun and learn that God really loves and cares for them.

We want to work with you in helping your child have a successful camp experience. The following is some information that can be helpful to you as you prepare your child for camp. Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our parent liaisons and they will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Here's a short video on how you can help your child be successful at camp by sharing personal information about your child with our parent liaisons.

Preparing for Camp
Sometimes it is hard to know how you can be involved in your child's summer camp experience since you aren't with them at camp. Getting ready for camp is always an exciting and sometimes stressful time. To try to make your preparation a little easier we have put together a few tips that we hope will be helpful as you prepare for your week at MiVoden. Please take time to go over the list and make sure your child has everything they will need for great week at Camp MiVoden. We are looking forward to having your child with us for this exciting time in their life.

Please read our packing list carefully so that you will know what your child needs in order to be comfortable at camp. We also ask that certain items not be brought since they distract from the camp program. Please use a permanent marker to write your camper's name on every item.

Campers select their classes when they register online.  Register early to select the week of camp and the classes of your choice.

Planning Your Arrival
Check-in begins on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 PM and ends at 5:00 PM. Please do not arrive earlier than 2:30; we want our staff to be 100% ready for your children! Here are some tips if you would like to avoid the long lines:

  • Pay your account in full before Check-In day
  • Fill out all medical forms online before Check-In day
  • Fill out all release forms online before Check-In day
  • Or come after 3:30 pm the lines are shorter  

The first meal at camp will be Sunday supper. The meal charge for guests not registered for camp is $8.00. Reservations are required by Tuesday for meals the following weekendand are made in the camp office.

Please plan to check out of your cabin or pick up your child between 7:45 and 9:00 Sunday morning at the campfire bowl.  Be sure to let the counselor on duty know you are taking your child by signing them out with their counselor. After 9:00am your child can be picked up in Maple Auditorium and must be signed out with the staff members on duty there.  Child care is available until 2:30 PM for those who cannot pick up their campers until this time. To assist us in planning, we request that arrangements be made in advance by calling our office. Children not picked up by 9:30 AM will go into child care. The fee is $10.00 per hour for this service.

MiVoden Mercantile
We operate a store called the MiVoden Merchantile that sells shirts, personal items, Christian books, hats, jackets, gifts, and more! There are also a few snack options. Most children spend between $25 and $75 at the store during their week at camp. One-T-shirt is about $10-$15 (sweatshirts, jackets, etc. are more) and a hat is around $15.

Camp Photo
If your child would like a camp photo of his or her week at camp, simply add $7 to your fee calculation and the picture will be ready to take home by the end of camp.

Mail Call
Campers love letters and packages! Send them early in the week, stating which camp they're attending. Mailing address: Camp MiVoden, 17415 E. Hayden Lake Rd., Hayden Lake, ID 83835. Emails are delivered with daily mail. Send correspondence to camper@mivoden.com with your camper's name in the "Subject" area.

Phone Calls
Due to the large numbers of campers, we ask that calls to campers be limited to emergencies. This line is for camp business and messages only. To leave a message for your camper, please call (208) 772-3484.

Parents are always welcome to visit their child while they are at camp. We only ask that all visitors check in at the camp office upon arrival. (If a meal is desired prior arrangements must be made by phone with the camp office). 

Send medications in original bottles along with with dosage instructions. All medications must be given to the camp nurse upon arrival. Your online medical release form should list all medications- with directions for the time and dosage to be given, allergies, and your child's significant medical history.

While sending a lot of candy and snacks seems to be an easy and fun thing to do, we discourage this. Too much candy can break down a child's resistance to sickness and in some children it affects their behavior negatively. Also, stashes of candy in cabins attracts rodents and insects. Well-balanced, delicious vegetarian meals are served three times daily in the Melvin Oss Dining Hall.

What Should Stay Home?
We want to create an environment that is safe and conducive to positive spiritual and personal growth. In addition, our campers are in a physically active program and some kinds of dress could be a hazard to those wearing it. We realize there are a variety of perspectives on appropriate music, entertainment and dress. To make the environment as comfortable and safe as possible, for our campers and thier parents review the "What Not To Bring List." If brought to camp they could/will be confiscated until the end of the week.

Lost and Found Items
Lost items remain at camp until September 15 and then are donated to charity. MiVoden is not responsible for lost or stolen items.