If you have been to Camp MiVoden in the last year, you have seen some of the changes to our dorms. In 2017, we started a major project to replace all our roofing and cover our current porches.  The first two dorms to be finished were Pine and Fir and we are currently working on Spruce and Larch.  I would like to share with you why this project started, the benefits of the project, and some of the feedback we’ve already received.
The dorms were designed and built in the early 1970’s.  They did a great job of matching buildings to our complicated landscape.  The dorms were built on a steep slope which was all there was to offer while still staying close to the waterfront.  The design included each floor stacking half of the floor over half of the floor below it stepping back as you go up the hillside. This then allows for a large deck over the other half of the building that is exposed.  The deck is a great place for campers to mingle, connect, and enjoy the amazing views of Hayden Lake.
The unintended downside is that to make this possible you must have a flat roof on part of the dorm buildings.  Flat roofs don’t work as well as other styles in the Northwest, especially when there’s a large amount of traffic like ours.  This has led to many leaks in the roofs for the last 30+ years including problems such as water damage and unfortunately, even poor guest experiences.  With this in mind, one can see why we started this project to fix the roofs.
The benefits of our new roof on Pine and Fir has been instantaneous. The dorm buildings now have metal roofing which means a much longer lifespan.  All of our decks are now covered which allows campers to mingle, connect and enjoy the amazing views of Hayden Lake in all kinds of weather.  This project has also updated the look of our buildings to a more current northwest look including: trusses made from ruff-sawn beams, cut out of trees off our property.
Many guests and residents have given positive feedback to our updates including many local residents from the lake asking if we have completely remodeled our dorms because they look so great.  Campers have also commented on how the new roofs cool the buildings in the summer and protect people from rain and snow in the winter.  All in all, there’s been great support for this project and we are very pleased with the outcome.
The next step for Camp MiVoden is for our Camp MiVoden Board to enhance the current Master Plan to accommodate our current and future needs, with the desire to reach MiVoden’s fullest potential that God has in store.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continually strive to make Camp MiVoden a place where campers can connect with God.