Camp MiVoden received the Norm Middag Award of Excellence at the recent Association of Adventist Camp Professionals (AACP) meeting at Pine Springs Ranch held November 28 to December 3, 2017.

Seventh-day Adventist camps apply for this award each year. Last year Camp MiVoden received the Norm Middag certificate for two areas of excellence – programming and activities. The award this year is for all areas of summer camp, which is why it is called “award of excellence.” There is one more award that just one camp receives. It is the Norm Middag Camp of the Year award.  The camp that received this award this year was Camp Kalaqua in Florida.

Camp MiVoden Director, Jeff Wines, says “I’m proud of the team that is invested in MiVoden, our paid staff, the volunteers who help, the summer camp staff, and the administration supporting us. It is a fairly large team that makes the camp run smoothly.” Jeff is also currently as the president elect for AACP.

“God touches and changes the lives of our young people, through the Holy Spirit, using many different venues and experiences,” says David Freedman, vice president for finance in Upper Columbia Conference. “Camp MiVoden is one of those special places that God wants His Kids to experience. I am thankful for Jeff Wines and his team who are focused on Christ and His mission to His young people. I am also very thankful for the invested interest of the UCC constituency in strong support of Camp MiVoden. The North American Division Norm Middag Award of Excellence received this year, is in recognition of this strong, Christ centered ministry. Congratulations to all who are involved!”