2018 Summer Savings have arrived!

May 15, 2018By Camp MiVodenNews

SUMMER IS HERE! What goes well with soaking up sun and having fun at Camp MiVoden? Bringing your friends and saving money, of course! Check out our new summer savings and make this a summer to REMEMBER. #sendyourkidstomivoden #bringafriendtomivoden *If you’ve already been to Camp MiVoden for at least one summer and bring a friend … Read More

New Look, Same MiVoden

April 16, 2018By Camp MiVodenNews

If you have been to Camp MiVoden in the last year, you have seen some of the changes to our dorms. In 2017, we started a major project to replace all our roofing and cover our current porches.  The first two dorms to be finished were Pine and Fir and we are currently working on … Read More

Bruce Retires, Ashley Begins

December 18, 2017By Camp MiVodenNews

On December 31, 2017 Bruce Christensen is officially handing off the position of operations director to Ashley Silva after 33.5 years of service at Camp MiVoden. Bruce has dedicated the last 40 years to camp ministry in general. While Bruce has been the operations director at Camp MiVoden, he has also held a variety of … Read More

MiVoden Receives the Norm Middag Award of Excellence

December 14, 2017By Camp MiVodenNews

  Camp MiVoden received the Norm Middag Award of Excellence at the recent Association of Adventist Camp Professionals (AACP) meeting at Pine Springs Ranch held November 28 to December 3, 2017. Seventh-day Adventist camps apply for this award each year. Last year Camp MiVoden received the Norm Middag certificate for two areas of excellence – … Read More

2016 Registration Opened

October 5, 2015By Camp MiVodenNews

The mornings are nice and crisp these days on Hayden Lake. Fall is definitely in the air. It’s hard to imagine it’s already time to begin registration for another exciting year of summer camp. As you’re looking over all our summer camp offerings, we know you’ll find something that will be a perfect fit. We have … Read More

Bucks for Bunks

July 3, 2015By Camp MiVodenNews

Comfy Bunks Beds at Camp MiVoden! For those of you who have slept in our bunk beds over the years, this statement may make you laugh, but we are on a mission to make this huge change for all of you who come and stay at MiVoden and for those of you who will come … Read More

Lakeside Baptisms

September 23, 2010By Camp MiVodenNews

When you say the words “summer camp,” most people think of water-skiing, swimming, horseback riding, archery and other fun outdoor activities at safe and caring place. But have you ever thought of summer camp as an evangelistic environment where youth can make a decision to follow Jesus Christ? The theme of our evangelist program this summer … Read More