Comfy Bunks Beds at Camp MiVoden! For those of you who have slept in our bunk beds over the years, this statement may make you laugh, but we are on a mission to make this huge change for all of you who come and stay at MiVoden and for those of you who will come visit us in the future.

Our goal is to replace all the old bunks bed in the dorms with new longerwider and taller beds which will include extra headroom for sitting and thicker mattresses, like the beds we have built in the new Moose Cabin. Each dorm room will include a double or a queen size bunk bed for our families who come to the many retreats, training events and or family camps held at MiVoden.

We are calling this project “Bucks for Bunks” and the amount of money we need to make this goal happen is $75,000.00. Please join us in changing the bunk beds at MiVoden into Comfy Bunk Beds with your tax deductible donation or mail to Camp MiVoden, Bucks for Bunks, 3715 S Grove Road, Spokane, WA 99224, and your prayers. Any questions please call us at (509) 242-0506.

The total cost is $75,000.
Amount currently received $6,000.

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